I'm the guy who posted Surface Pro photos recently, just in case you see some similarities.


This, is the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse.
It is beautiful. Magnificient. Minimalistic. Fast. Accurate.

I first thought it would be my future mouse.
I thought I would use it for years.

I used for an hour, and literally threw it away.

I thought it would be comfortable, since i used cheap logitech mouse which of those were all too high in height.

But, this mouse, is so low in height. It literally puts your hand in the floor.

You, the devRant members, pointed out at my previous rant that it looks, and would be uncomfortable, and I literally said shut up!

Well, sorry about that, I regret my words.

It is piece of beautiful trash.

The click sound is very quiet, the scrolling is very good, but the height of the mouse....

If I keep using this mouse, I would probably get a carpel-tunnel disease(is this correct?).

I guess I should only use this mouse when I need to use it quickly outside, since portability is number one among all mouse in the world.

Next coming, some more Surface pro coding sessions, and Surface pen.

Anything interested about the surface pro? Leave in the comments below!

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    My experience with Microsoft peripherals is that they look nice but the quality is crap. I would only buy them if it's so cheap that it doesn't matter if it goes to the bin in a year.
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    @electrineer Microsoft ergonomic keyboards are awesome though, I think @linuxxx has one
    Also Xbox controller design > other controllers (at least for my hands, and I actually started of on PlayStation).
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    Most Microsoft products are like Apple products...
    You pay double to get an average quality Item.
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    I had a Microsoft mouse 25 years ago, with a mouse ball because optical mice were not yet a thing. Worked OK, though I had to cut the button wires on the PCB and solder them crossed-over to get it work left-handed also in DOS games.
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    I like to imagine an ms executive was jealous of the praise apple products receive and was like "I can do that too! It's simple, you just make it minimal and pretty, and people will buy that shit".

    Some apple execs probably had this mentality as well.
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    @RememberMe I've had a Microsoft keyboard where since buttons worked only randomly after a couple years. It was one with an ergonomic shape. Bad quality.
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    Haha, good there ;)
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    Not a Microsoft product but I have the Dell VM615 Mouse which is flat (good for portability) and you twist when you want to use (good for ergonomics)
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    First of all : ++ for erring and admitting it! That's a valuable skill!

    I had a 7-button Microsoft Mouse for gaming. Both Mechwarrior (2-4) and Counterstrike profited greatly from it.
    That was almost twenty years ago, and the quality was awesome!

    No idea how it is these days, but the comments here sound, like it's no longer worth it...
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    Have you tried the arc mouse? I'm lovin' it.

    Ps: dat mouse is not for gaming at all, if you put enough force you will shut it down 😅
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    @electrineer some*, not since
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    @Yamakuzure mission accomplished
    @JhonDoe hate that, and too expensive
    @electrineer request an after service, they send you a new one when requested in 3 years from purchase
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    @CozyPlanes should've known that back then. I think the warranty was over at that point.
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    If you want to be able use it you might be able to “fix” it by gluing a curved piece of foam to it. Just an idea.
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    @RememberMe Yup I've got the sculpt both at home and work, awesome keyboard and mouse combo!
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    @CozyPlanes totally agree with the price, I got it in a sale. Was like $100 usd at normal price
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    I find logitech mx performance super comfortable, very functional and it's battery lasts quite a while.

    Curently i use corsair dark core or whatever at work and while i assume it's a wonderful gaming mouse, it's not suitable for work. Hell i cant even turn of the goddamned rgb shit because they didnt (and probably never will) make the software necessary for such a task for linux. Furthermore i never know the battery life so when it's dead it just stops working with no prior notice. Also the reciever is the size of a fucking car and there is no way to store it within the mouse.

    tl;dr: get a logotech mx performance, not the dark core
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    @SauceBoss very fair point. I like microsoft mice in general, so whenever I try a new one, I tend to like them even if usability has some(and some of them serious) flaws.

    I use a sculpt comfort mouse on a daily basis at work, and even bought one for myself, but couldn't use it for fucking drivers in Linux.

    So I ended with a very basic wireless mouse but I like it cuz looks like a matryoshka.

    Arc mouse for me feels very good for a change.

    I tried a wedge mouse and it's the only microsoft mouse that I really hate, gave it away 2 weeks after purchased(bought the wedge keyboard too, I use it from time to time)

    Photo: matryoshka looking mouse
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    @maushax I didn't know about the surface arc mouse but it actually looks better (at least the new model)
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    @jOkEr-jAsE soo, using your hand as surface is the right way?
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    Fast, accurate?
    Have you tried to play OSU with it?
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    With blue track technology, it is quite fast and accurate than other mouse in my opinion

    What is osu
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    If you havent tested it with osu i assume it is a total shit
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    @CozyPlanes osu! A weeb rythm game, try~ it
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    @JhonDoe sounds sketchy but OK lol
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