Several years ago.

”Have you heard about that dumb new bitcoin-thing?”
”Ya, lol, what a waste of time and money! 😂”


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    I bought my bitcoins when 1 was about 800$...

    I've been downloading the blockchain for almost a week, lets see how rich I am now :D
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    @n0ah how many did you buy? 😱
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    @sonywalk not much, I think I spend about 200$ back then. But today these 200$ are in a whole new picture :-P
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    well that would be around 2500$ then if I am not mistaken.
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    @Sleepy-guy Oh yea, don’t buy now 😂 Though it might, and probably will, crash just like it has multiple times before. If it crashes HARD, I might actually buy some 😬
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    Seriously, the pattern of my life has been,

    "Oh, did you hear about this new thing that everyone at first thought was a scam but that is now making all of the early investors filthy rich."

    "No, I..."

    "TOO LATE! The market for it just soared yesterday and now you have to be a zillionaire to get into it. You gotta pay more attention and buy low, sell high when these things first come out. Better luck next time, pal."
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    @ThatDude @dsteiner @sonywalk Finaly got that 165 GB beast down:

    0.222 btc :-D

    What would you recomend? Sell now or wait till we reach a new highscore?
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    @n0ah wait. In case the value would fall you'd still win if you sell but at the moment i would recomend everybody who can afford it to wait, eventually even buy
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    Everybody is talking about bitcoin and here I sit thinking "yay you go IOTA, someday you'll show them all"
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    Just hodl!
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    @Sleepy-guy this is so funny when I read this now in 2019
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