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for (i = 0; i < polygon.count; i++) {
// some print statement
} **

This highly advanced and futuristic piece of code made the Swift compiler eat 14+ GB of RAM while trying to syntax-highlight, before crashing my 8 GB-equipped Macbook.

** yeah, "C-style 'for' loopz syntaxx deprecated since Swift 3 blah blah". Let's reinvent an industry-standard for no goddam reason, because Swift is the FUTURE, oh, and because fuck you by the way.

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    That was swift.
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    While I would normally say that this is the fault of a programmer for not keeping up with the standards of the current version of the language I cannot possibly blame you.

    I really think Swift has nice ideas going for it as a language and I really do like it. But the changes that they do to each fucking version of the language make it really annoying to work with, Xcode is a pos as it is and this does not help.

    Hope your computer is ok man :/
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    @AleCx04 Computer is fine, thanks. Not sure about the fans though :)

    And like you, I really appreciate the language most of the time. Cannot say that about the tools however.
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