Felt in love with golang ♥️.

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    It seems like golang designers are totally isolated from what's been happening in the last 30 years in languages design.

    Google it for more xd
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    @Pawel if you really believe that, you should google yourself and read some high-quality articles with facts and real arguments, not some reddit shit posters bashing on languages they don’t like.

    Golang was designed with purpose to solve most architectural issues modern languages have. In fact, most new languages from the last 30 years haven’t really invented anything new design-wise. The only exception I can name is Rust, but it’s also relatively new.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs what about JS's new "optional chaining"? Sure it's trying to fix only it's problem, but it can create more readable scripts in the future.
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    @melezorus34 it’s just a feature providing some syntactical sugar, but not really something related to language design.
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    Go is designed really well in my opinion. The bare minimum amount of keywords and yet provide a full featured language that does concurrency well is admirable.

    When in doubt leave it out!
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    Simplicity, syntax and language itself. Just that
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    Was not go safe C?
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    @aviophile That was not the primary goal at all. It was supposed to be a fast compiled language that also compiles really fast and can handle concurrency well (like event based webservers like nginx). One of first thing it did and was designed for was replacing the C++ dl.google.com which handles a lot of concurrent downloads. They had massive issues with the C++ compile times on every change.
    But yes it also has common modern safety features build in.
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    You are welcome. And i mean the gopher is the best logo ever for a language!
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    It's a cute language, if you don't need generics, a reasonable error handling system, or type safety.

    I kept running into walls, and eventually found the learning curve on Rust to be easier -- maybe that's just my silly brain though.

    I actually found crates like Rayon and Crossbeam to be more intuitive and liberating in the long run than goroutines. 🤷‍♀
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    Ah yes. Behold the syntax monstrosity:

    go func(msg [5]int) {
    // Do something
    }([5]int{0, 1, 2, 2, 4, 5})
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    I admire you guys for loving that language. Every one should use what fits them well. I was trying to overcome that issue with go but it ends with failure in about two weeks.

    PS Hope you are not mad, I was just curious why you like it :)
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