2020 Website design trend example

butter smooth transitions, contextualized displaying of information. Break up of the traditional page paradigm.

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    The concept is interesting!
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    Well, once everybody starts doing those excessive animations, its gonna get real old, real fast. The problem here is that animations are supposed to draw your attention away from your usual reading direction, but with overuse it becomes tedious and chaotic.

    So, nice simple design on the page, I like that. The animations are real bad. Please stop it.

    Also, nice console.log
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    What an annoying piece of shit. All these "oohh so cooool" animations are awesome the first time you actually use the website and suck donkeys ever after. Also, that design only kinda "works" because there's nearly no content.

    And then the asshole moves like disabling user zoom, contrast problems, heading hierarchy problems. Sloppiness like superfluous self-closing tags but only half of the time, nonsense attributes, forgotten attribute quotes, and of course invalid HTML.

    Yeah, trendy shit.
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    @Fast-Nop i knew this site would trigger you ❤️
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    Much like most modern websites, it's stylistically cool and functionally irritating.
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    Just don't.
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