I genuinely have respect for people and their professions.

But . . . why the fuck are IT Support generally hard to deal with.

I don't fucking have access to a Service and I damn need access. Support immediately without checking says: no you do have access go to xyz find the service click on it bla bla bla.

Bitch, you think I didn't try all that and just felt like having a conversation with you?


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    Remember that they have to deal with users a dumb as a brick. I don't blame them, look at talesfromtechsupport
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    I like to check support mails every now and then and I can say I now know why people develop alcohol addictions
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    The usual IT support is some poorly trained guy in a call center, knowing nearly nothing about the stuff he should help you with, crossing off the items of the checklist provided.
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    I think it’s contentious relationship with L2 support.

    L1 I usually know more than and walk them through what I need but it’s just a power trip with L2 . It’s like they are so close to being system admins/ engineers they have to flex their muscles.
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    *calls support*
    "Hey IT....!"
    *twirls phone cord*
    "Whatcha doing, sexy?"
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    I spent two years working in IT support before I became a developer, and I have heard some of the absolute dumbest things from people who are supposed to know about technology. So when someone called in saying they had no access to something, I still had to make sure they'd actually tried to access it, because sometimes they hadn't.

    I have had to take over peoples' systems and point them to the very visible button that I've been trying to tell them to click. I've had to coerce someone into rebooting their laptop because it had been running for 40 days and was predictably having issues. I've had to tell someone to submit an access request multiple times before they finally understood that it wouldn't work until they did. Some of these people were salesmen or executives, but some of them were developers. Some were even in higher levels of IT support themselves. So when someone called in, I had to force myself to assume nothing and go through the whole troubleshooting process.
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