Searching for a new job in a different language than you have experience in. Seriously, no one seems to really understand that if you can code in one OO language then you can pretty much do them all!

I don't want to do PHP any more you fucks!

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    Wouldn't that mean that it doesn't matter which language you use? And try building up a portfolio in the other languages. So you can show them that you can do them all. Kinda a big risk to trust somebody only on their word.
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    Learning subsequent languages is not too difficult if you apply yourself. First language generally the toughest to fully understand the constructs.
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    That is not 100% true you can't say you know all languages because you can do oop php. Do some small project with the language you want to code, and apply to some positions explaining you want to switch showing them the project.
    I wouldn't hire someone just because he says he know all languages.
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    Update: I now have a job in Python. Because I'm awesome.
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    Django is love
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