How do you guys and gals cope with life ? Cause i still drink and do drugs 🤷‍♂️🙉🙈

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    I love drugs. They're legal here. Quality of life is heavily improved with some edibles.
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    @SortOfTested I went to the Panthers vs Seahawks game in Charlotte last December, and some people brought some with them lmao. I could smell weed almost everywhere I went that day

    @kLue alcohol
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    @Stuxnet Hawks ftw lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD I'd rather drag my balls across a cheese grater than I would pull for them.

    That being said, it was hard asf to do but I did it because Russell Wilson was my QB in fantasy and I had DK Metcalf lmao.
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    @Stuxnet oh my brother 😂😂😂 Wilson defenitly earns his worth lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD nice tat 👌🏻

    I've definitely thought about getting a Panthers related tat but not yet. They don't deserve one the way they fuck with my emotions 😭
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    @Stuxnet why do I feel attacked on a molecular level with that statement... Lol
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    @SortOfTested Legal drugs? I'll take a few grams of LSD please 😄

    I survive on acid.

    Oh, and a cocktail I call "Developer's Revolt", which is an expensive acid-laced cognac charged to the company credit card, mixed with the sweat and tears of product managers.
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    Keep doing drugs. Its the only way. Although I have been thinking of ordering some cbd (been reading stuff on it) for the stress and anxiety tho so if u are looking for alternatives to drugs, cbd is an option. But hey, whatever keeps ur head above water is a go. Just try to stay alive. P. S all alcohol is piss and battery juice mixed together.
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    yes, exactly like that.

    except alcohol for me is the last fallback when nothing better is available. i hope weed gets legalized in my country soon.
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    Thx folks, I feel normal again 👌🙌
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