I will never complain about Windows forcing updates onto users. Ubuntu seems to do that also by default (19.10 or 20.04 not sure rn).

The vm had asked some times but now it seemed to just do it upon boot. Agonizingly slow and at the worst moment!!!

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    I've been using Ubuntu for 4 months now. It has never forced me to do updates. Not even 20.04 version.

    The first time it did that - when I specifically set that it **CAN** download and install updates on boot :)
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    Anyways Ubuntu is pile of bloatware, trash and unnecessary hacks made just so it gets more visually appealing to newcomers..
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    I've seen kernel updates as well! It happened a few years ago and I think I was still using ubuntu back then.

    I'm not using it any more though. LMint all the way!
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    I also restarted the vm not long ago. I initially wanted to reboot it, becaus dpkg "frontend" was locked and I didn't know why.

    Installing updates after boot is probably not that bad. Though it can induce confusion and I don't want it anyway in a vm.
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    Ubuntu lost me when gnome started shipping with snap ramdisks. That shit is unacceptable.
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    Why do you poweroff ur vm? I just suspend it. Tho Ubuntu Budgie doesn't auto update, been using Budgie since 18.04
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    @gitpush It's almost as fast and I save storage since the state doesn't need to be saved anywhere.

    I can also just chuck the VM on my T5 to use it on my laptop.

    I have one VM in particular that lives on my external ssd andhas two vbox files with slightly different power specs. It's licensed windows 8.1 and I use it for university purposes like: - Windows-Only Software that wine doesn't like or has drivers (ARM Keil, VS for a bit)
    - Cisco exams with proper PacketTracer connection
    - their horrible printing system (it worked for some time with cups but then it didn't again and I didn't give a fuck since I print there maybe 3 times a year or less).
    - Other

    I can use that vm at home on my pc or in university with my laptop without any hassle at all. The vm takes maybe 10 seconds to fully boot.
    Before I got my home directory a big fancy nvme, Windows + VS (ssd usb 3.0) could easily best any Jetbrains IDE from HDD.
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    @LinusCDE fair enough 😅
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    Ubuntus unattended upgrade has always been a thing.

    Ubuntu is terrible..... I needed to start with Ubuntu base / rootfs to get a server system that's not completely borked up
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    Still more pleasant than Windows updates, let alone Windows itself
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    If you want to run Unix there is always macOS, you know
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    windows sucks switch to lin... Oh wait
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    @vintprox linux fanboys are so cute, if it happens on windows: windows sucks, switch to linux, ms sucks.... It haopens on linux:still better than windows
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    Never happened to me, but also I use arch.
    For me it’s as easy as “you complain? The change something.”
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    @dder I'm now also rocking Manjaro for about 3-4 years. Started with arch, but later wanted something "more stable". There isn't any noticable difference in stability though.
    May laptop is still rocking arch, but I reinstalled that several times for various reasons.

    I have no problem using ubuntu server though. It's pretty decent there. Never had any trouble with it for that.
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    @dontbeevil yk, you didn't touch my ego by calling me a "linux fanboy". It's just a common sense to have free as air OS that doesn't lock you in itself - easy as that. :)
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    @vintprox you just confirmed my point, no need to touch your ego, it's just what it is
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