I do like my current employer very much :D

This is a snip from an official job ad in their portal :)

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    What's wrong with asking when and who?
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    @Stuxnet It sets a demanding and pushing tone :)
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    “Grows when other Grow” - How Gross
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    How can you lead others, when you are not allowed to tell others what needs to be done??
    Everyone would be chasing their tails or playing minesweeper until someone takes charge.
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    @Enoryt A leader is not there to tell what's to be done (except in survival mode perhaps). There's a PM/PO/Client for that.
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    @netikras the when/who/what/how seems odd. "When do you need this by", "who's the expert in x" etc. are perfectly valid questions that I ask all the time.

    But yes, a friend of mine phrases the rest as "dicks need not apply" :-)
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    I don't believe in bosses being friends with their employees... Its an illusion that at some point will hurt the employee/employer.. and those who are real friends, probably not really doing their job as managers and acting more like coworkers (but with bigger paycheck than u).

    U can be friendly and kind.. but what happens when u have no choice but to fire ur employee? What happens when ur employee friend ends up being awful at their job and causes damage to your product? What happens when ur employee wants a raise and u cant give it? What happens when ur employee exploits ur friendship? What happens when u invest so much care and effort into ur employee but the moment u no longer work together, he never bothers to contact u again to see u ok?
    There's a wall, and it's a good thing for both side to be aware of it.
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