So, economy is fucked, that’s convenient

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    Predict the bottom and get rich 👍
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    yeah so the trillion dollars cash infusion from the US government is burned through and now in the pocket of billionaires.
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    That's how the world economy works unfortunately. A small number of extremely wealthy and empowered corporate superpeople make bets using deposits from American taxpayers to leverage money from the Fed and fuel a massively unsustainable trade imbalance. When those bets fail, they just roll the losses into the cost of living and inflation that shouldn't even be possible. Delusional corporate serfs who dip into the religion of wall street fantasize that this is the way the world should be, even as the rug gets pulled out from under them.


    The whole system is shaky and unreliable
    National debt is astronomical
    Poor people find this desirable
    Screamin "I've got money" when poverty is undeniable
    The corruption is diabolical, at times even comical
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    The whole system is fucked
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    Dune when? I thought the stuck market is now way too high? Basically all back to normal now except week the actual economy is still shit?
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    Ok...bloody hell wtf... Lol moved back to stocks too early....

    But that's ok, all most of my $ is in bonds
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    the economy isnt crashing. rather, the fed has been artificially inflating them since 2008.

    this is a correction.

    dobt let the nees feed you doomporn. you're smarter than that.
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    Eh, we're up quite a bit and making money even in a serious downtrend. When things turn around it'll be even easier.
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    @Wisecrack dont* gd cannot type at all on this tiny virtual keyboard.
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    @Root amen to that
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    @Root I'm not that optimistic but I think Market Corrections are good in the long term because they help to remove the noise introduced into the market that distort the actual pricing mechanism.

    I think a lot of bulshit companies and services that shouldn't exist are going to find eventually that they don't exist if the market is correcting as some of us think.

    you look at FANG that could be the tech bubble bursting. Don't know about the everything bubble though. I would think things would be much worse in the short-term if it was a proper crash.
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    @Wisecrack I don't care about what is actually happening. The market doesn't care, either.

    The only thing I look at is the charts, and I suppose some overall political trends, but those generally only matter for long-term trades (measured in years).

    Everything else?
    Technical analysis.

    The markets -- all markets -- follow the same rules and patterns. I don't know why they do, but that doesn't matter, either. I can look at a chart and identify the trends, and know what is going to happen with pretty good certainty, and my girlfriend is better at it than I am. 😊
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    @Root but the trends keep changing? The 5 day chart is up but 10 day is down, 30 is flat, and 1yr is up.

    Is it a buy or sell and how much you expect to make and how bad do you can you tell it until you say u were wrong?
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    @billgates To answer to your questions: Pick your timeline. Hedging. Risk appetite. And sure, sometimes the market doesn't go as expected, but that doesn't matter. You don't have to get it right every time.

    Most people have almost no appetite for risk, and are too emotional to trade. Once you lose objectivity, you lose money.
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    @Root so the old saying i think was like a monkey throwing darts can do just as well as an "expert" ... Overall markets are random, irrational basically.

    Just need to somehow predict what everyone else is going to do before they do it but everyone else is doing that too...
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    Most of my money is in indexes for 401k and have a small personal trading account just for fun but results are mixed...

    Overall positive but the yearly ROI is probably 5%... Big losers and big winners...

    Also not allowed to day trade, minimum 30-day holding to seems like my time frame would be yearly...
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    @billgates Nah, they're actually pretty easy. ... I say after two years of studying.

    I'd tell you to study technical analysis, but there is a lot of misinformation and scams out there so it's hard to know what is real. After all, it's profitable to mislead other traders.

    In fact, most of the exchanges do. And because the overwhelming majority of amateur investors make bad trades more often than good trades, the exchanges actually automate trades in direct opposition to those. If an investor has a better track record, they hedge which costs them profits. But overall the exchange either makes money or breaks even on these trades. And since they only break even on yood trader, it's in their best financial interest to make sure as few people as possible learn how to trade well, so they perpetuate the misinformation.

    It's sickening.
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    @SortOfTested idk if the last part was on purpose, but it rhymes perfectly
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    @Root I don't remember the name but supposedly there was an Australian Trader years ago who made a fortune. Claimed he did it because he realized the markets were largely based on front running an insider trading. I mean why wouldn't they be? We have a bunch of high-powered Psychopaths playing God with lots of money and very few consequences. But if you know the rules are being broken and you can figure out who's breaking them I don't see why it wouldn't be too hard to make a buck legally.
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    @Root "yood trader"
    Jesus broken screen batman, its hard to type when you can't see. 🙄

    Good traders*
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    abaabb rhyme scheme
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    @Root couldn't be worse thab typing "doBt let the nEeS fEeD yOu"

    proofreading score: 0/100!
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    @Wisecrack It's extremely difficult to proofread on a broken screen. I have to constantly rearrange the text so I can read other bits of it.
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    Can't be worse.
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