Which horror franchise freaks you out the most?
-Friday the 13th

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    @dontbeevil OSX is definitely a love story compared to Windows.
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    Windows 👊
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    IE 6, IE8(and the return of darkness)...
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    it's funny, people can make jokes about windows ... but if someone make jokes about their beloved apple they got butthurted .

    p.s. many of you still live in 90's stereotypes ... you should update your jokes to modern era
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    @dontbeevil Dog I'm writing a Windows10 UWP Holographic app literally right now. Take off your hate goggles and try to understand reality.

    You dislike OSX because you don't understand it.

    I dislike Windows because I work in Win7 and Win10 8 hours a day and truly understand the ins and outs of it.

    I am qualified to say that Windows is not as fun as OSX for development. Sure you can't build a xamarin ios app without a Mac. My answer to that is (don't fucking use xamerin).

    You are not qualified to make the distinction between the two operating systems.

    Stop your rampage.
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    @kevbost I develop on Windows more than 8 hours a day, for half a year only UWP... and I love it, never a problem related to Windows as OS. On the other hand I saw problems only on my colleagues macbooks developing in php, android and ios :) cheers
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    @dontbeevil Very well, each system has its flaws. That doesn't rule out OSX as a viable platform for the vast wealth of programming solutions that are not Windows specific.
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    President elections
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    Arch Linux... It's gory asf
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    Windows... specially the one called asp .net
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    Anyone tried the Windows Drivers Framework ? If no, don't as you will be having nightmares even awake .
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    Windows for sure. They also killed a color. (Blue)
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