The past few years' events have proven more and more that we should've never allowed internet use to be tied to our actual identities.

You've probably already said something that will destroy your life.

If you're thinking "what could I have possibly said?"

That's exactly the point.

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    Nah the problem isn't what I've said, the problem is the vaginas who act like saying mean words justifies tryna ruin someone's life.

    Grow up and act like adults you fucking idiots.
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    Hence my use of a full alias that sounds like a name. People are gonna see, say, "odlite" and go "that's a username," but if they hear "Parzival Wolfram" they have to wonder if that's my name or not.

    That and full detail separation between my real self and alias.
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    @Parzi Just make sure you don't Tyler Durden yourself with Parzival Wolfram.
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    They only try ruin you for things you say in societies that aren't truly free. He Who Says " freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences" doesn't really believe in freedom of speech at all. The dumb cunt don't realize that's the very definition of freedom of speech: the right say what's on your mind without consequences.

    I can't help that I like shouting fire in crowded buildings!
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    @Wisecrack The argument is that consequences haven't been defined. Although, legal consequences are quickly following social lately anyway.
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    @odite history is a pendulum on which swings all of society, between delusion on one end and outrage on the other. it never stops in the middle.

    or some high-minded fart huffing wank like that.
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    @Wisecrack none of the constitutional rights are absolute because they are in conflict with each other. You have no right of free speech if you want to talk about war crimes you widnessed while in uniform. You have no right to bear arms as an inmate in prison. You have no right to be unharmed while running around shooting people.

    And frankly I think it is perfectly fine to criticize people for what they say. It's also "saying whatever I want" to say "shut up". So your definition of free speech contradicts itself.
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    @zvyn I think its more like the examples are oranges while we're discussing pineapples, you get my drift?

    All ive seen from people saying "freedom of speech doednt mean freedom from consequences" are people endorcing doxxing/threats on peoples family, lives, and attemptd to take peoples living away or financially ruin.. for saying something someone else disagreed with.

    thats a far cry from mass murder, being an inmate or being a soldier in a war.
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