Thats so out of touch with reality bro. What could possibly be updated within 46 fucken GB.

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    I wonder what the full install size is. 100+?
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    @asgs bigger lol

    "Instead, the price of Modern Warfare updates is paid in gigabytes. As of this writing, Modern Warfare clocks in at a staggering 180 GB on PC and 185 GB on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, according to Gamespot."

    - https://google.com/amp/s/...
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    @ScribeOfGoD they should provide a Hard disk for free if customers purchase such games ;-)
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    Y'all remember when the PS2 memory cards were like 30 mbs?

    Shits wild. A 2TB PS5 probably won't even be good enough for this shit show of a tend im game sizes.
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    Amen to all of you.

    And the most fucked up shit: I only play multiplayer, not even this warzone shit - you still need the campaigns and everything.

    Shit sucks man, I just want to play some games after a long week..^^'
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    They missed i++ in one loop I think
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    Yeah that sucks. Well, good thing I've never cared about Call of Duty, lol.
    Wait, is the update going to overwrite the previous update's files, or is the update's size going to be added to the previous update's size?
    I'm asking because I actually don't know, sorry for the ignorance.

    On mobile (in Google Play Store), for example, updates have the same size of the previous one, and the former overwrite the latter, even if the app was already installed before updating.
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    @Stuxnet The OEM cards were 8MB, actually, which i'm surprised you misremembered because if they ever had to put "memory card" anywhere in a game or manual or anything, it HAD to say "Memory Card (8MB) for PlayStation 2" so as to keep people buying the OEM ones. (The max addressable size is 128MB, but it's most stable at or below 64MB as some software, even 3rd party software like the ARMAX, doesn't use that last bit. Nowadays, though, it's easier to find 2x128MB switchable-bank cards than OEM ones, which are required for FMCB.)
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    Rainbow Six Siege had an update on 70 GB a couple of months ago
    While the game download size is 80 GB
    And I didn't saw many changes after the update too :/
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    I bet that has something to do with the D (no rutee, no, not that D) in solid.

    Change something tiny. Recompile everything.

    Probably something like that exists for animation and sounds as well
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    CODing with my ass
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    At least download speed is 35MB/s on my internet 2mbits it will take a week 😅
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    Install warzone ... See network code smell shit ... Remove it 180 and 3 days XD
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