I would like to learn my 3rd language, German. Can someone suggest me some resources that could actually help me to learn it?

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    There is a goethe institute in palermo which offers german courses.

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    Talk do Germans on discord.
    At least I learned most of my English via talking to Brits,amis and Canadians on discord.
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    Seconding the practical route. Talk to German speakers on the reg.
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    Get a warm dictionary, that's the best way to learn any language ;)
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    @rutee07, @miksaraj sounds like he needs your dicktionary, stat
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    To be a little bit more serious, tho, there are so many different resources around, choosing one over the other is more about preferences and your learning style than anything else. When I was learning languages to kill time, Memrise would do it for me, at least for the basics. For advanced use of any language you have to actually start using it... But Memrise thought me enough Portuguese and French to be able to have relatively simple conversations in those languages. But really the quickest and most effective way is to take a dip into a language bath. And the more languages you know, the easier it gets: e.g. I learned close-to-native level of Icelandic in a matter of months by living there and having the background of knowing Finnish (native), Swedish (my 4th lang, also the 2nd official lang here) and German (my 2nd lang) under my belt to help me out with different aspects of Icelandic.
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    @SortOfTested I'm actually working on a dirty talk generator, if that makes sense. He can talk to me for several weeks and he'll pick up my language for sure.
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    I can recommend Assimil which I checked out for Norwegian - hopefully, the German course is as well: https://assimilwelt.com/english/...

    The main problem when learning a language is not reading, writing or speaking, it's understanding the spoken language. That's where Assimil gets you on the right track from the beginning.
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    @Fast-Nop can confirm, i've learned french with assimil. During school exchange week the frenchies asked if i've got french speaking parents because i was more fluent than my classmates. Thank's to assimil.

    However more importantly is to have someone to motivate you. Learn german together with a friend. Especially because german is hard.
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    Go to Germany and make sure you don't have enough money to just buy all the services you need. After a few months you will have a job in Germany and German friends for life, and likely know a little German.

    You could also watch Derrick.

    I should watch Derrick.
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    "Deutsche Welle" has some resources. Also:

    Toms Deutschseite http://deutschseite.de/time-table/...

    Dora (children's tv show) https://youtube.com/watch/...

    Aussprache https://youtube.com/watch/...

    Hallo Deutschschule - A1.1 Aussprache https://youtube.com/watch/...

    Slow German - Absolute Beginner https://slowgerman.com/category/...

    Slow German

    Links to other Podcasts

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