All my life I've used windows, and my new company gave me a MacBook. Having used it for few days, I am missing some basic windows functionalities that I took for granted.

There are very little option of customisation.
Most of my daily used softwares are unavailable.
Maximise is painful. No multi-window explorer.
Shortcuts are messed up.

I know many people love mac, but I really wish to revert back to windows. (-__-)

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    Have you tried the glorious Linux masterrace? :)
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    @alexbrooklyn I use ubuntu and windows in dual boot in personal PC.
    unfortunately I cannot change OS on work laptop, cuz it's company owned. :-/
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    And how is this related to devRant?
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    @Fast-Nop its a dev ranting about an operating system?
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    @byteOverBits who cares if it's company owned, there are solutions to dualboot Linux/windows on Macs, just revert everything afterwards.
    Mac isn't bad, it's just different
    It's also important to try new things, new ways of interacting
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    I‘m Mac user for over ten years now. I don’t need that much customization than Windows offers. By the way, macOS offers many customization options. The most of MY daily used software isn’t available on Windows. Maximale is indeed easy, just different. What do you mean with „no multi window explorer“? You can open as much Finder windows as your want. Many shortcuts are similar, and the others: just learn it.
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    @theuser So, it isn't about devRant. Then why is it tagged "devrant"?

    There is no "developer rant" because no finance, marketing and HR folks are supposed to be on DEVrant. EVERY rant is a "developer rant".
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    @MagicSowap In many if not most companies, you can't do whatever you want with your laptop/workstation.
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    It should take an hour or so to adapt to the keyboard commamds. Install Alfred for launching, moom-similar for window controls.

    If you're a pointey clickey gui person, you're going to have a bad time. Learn terminal no matter where you are.
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    @Jilano I don't let companies choose, I just inform them I'm gonna install Linux.
    Last time they gave me a brand new XPS 13 😎.
    (companies don't want you to install Linux on Macs because it can fuck the boot process)

    They trust you with their codebase but not with a laptop ?
    They want you to do your best work but they don't let you use the best (free) tools ?
    How much do you cost them and how much does a fucking laptop costs them ?
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    @Fast-Nop Alright, you may continue policing then.
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    @MagicSowap I'm gonna do it - install linux. Thanks.
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    Really useful tool is Alfred
    it let's you controll your mac by simply typing what you want by pressing alt spacebar. Must have dev productivity tool.

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    @heyheni Just installed Alfred. Looks like an extension of Spotlight.
    Thanks, man.
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    @byteOverBits also if you've not allready done it install brew the packet manager for mac.

    and the cask extension for brew to install binaries

    great looking terminal with themes
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    The maximize thing, double click the title of the window instead of pressing maximize
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    Your employer sounds like asshole, would run away from there quickly..
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    Install parallels. Or not.
    Install linux. Or not.
    Install Windows (you can). Or not.

    Or just how tobuse the Mac they gave you. It has a lot of usefull tools like textmate, sane multitab terminal, brew, omnigraffle, etc....
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    This, though I don't tend to lean to Omni because it's not cross platform. Its borderline inexcusable for apps to not be cross platform nowadays.
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