I am a developer at a tech company. The tester in my team refuse to test my work because he feel I don't respect him. He is a fucking idiot, so obviously I don't respect him. I can still do my job just like always, so I told the cretin it doesn't matter if I respect him or not and he doesn't need my respect to do his job.

At the end of the day I couldn't care less about his feelings. I just hope my boss doesn't fire me when he finds out.

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    Good word cretin!
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    U sir got a point here! We reached times where its more important to not piss on some cretins feelings than doing a proper job! U do yours, he refuses to do his and its U who is afraid to get dumped! Mankind is a freaky bitch!
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    Tell the person: Code doesn't care about you, your opinions, or your stupid feelings. :)
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