Last week a client had a meeting regarding an app I built for them for this one time project. This meeting occurred Monday.

Thursday I get a call at 8 am where they ask if they can get some fixups regarding the UI by Friday.

This despite the client knowing I work more than full time at another company and only take his business on the side.

Why does this always happen? You deliver a product and don't hear from the clients for days or weeks and suddenly they pop up and ask for a fix by the next day?


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    I Will try not to be a "hater" but, in freelance work it is your job, as a dev, to keep that comunication active. If the client simply doesn't answer send an ultimatum or make them sign a contract that, once the project is delivered under certain circumstances, you are not forced to give extra fixes (for free or payed)

    I've done that before and it worked perfectly for me :)
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    @javierojeda I have contracts in place and get paid by the hour I work. It all works well except for the "Can you get this done by tomorrow?" part. This is however the only frustrating part with this particular client. I've tried to have a dialog about situations like these but it still seems to happen.
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    In this case, I would suggest you to consider if you REALLY need that client. In EVERY professional field there is always a "bad worker" but also there is always a "bad client".

    So, don't be afraid of giving some self respect to your effort, time and knowledge.

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    @javierojeda I have thought about it lately and I do not need the client. But the work is project is very exciting and I feel it is worth it.

    The day it isn't anymore I will part ways with the project.
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