Providing work estimation:

Dev: This should take about 2 weeks

Non dev: Really? But it's so simple. Shouldn't be that long right? I think it can be done in one week.

*After one week*

Non dev: Why is it still not done? I thought you only need one week?

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    After many years I've come to realise that there's just no way to talk with people who think like that. They're in a different reality and don't know it.
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    My first college project taught me life lesson about estimations. It was an asp project, and i was only one who really anything about coding. New bugs and room for improvements never ends..
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    Explain it to them and if they do not get it- make the estimate an extra day for wasting your time 😁
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    I have a client like this. He keeps adding tasks to a fixed price job. I keep telling him more task = more $$$. Oh he's cheap as well.
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    @vchris learn from it and have everything that needs to be done written down and signed. if done right feature creep will cost your client and not you
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    @jckimble Yup I've learned that after my first contract with him. Now he thinks I'm too expensive. Too bad for you. I prefer good paying clients that are happy with what I do.
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    @vchris yeah the good clients are hard to come by, I'm thinking about writing a automated client framework using the lessons I learned to automate my workflow and help new developers where they don't have to learn the hard way like so many of us did. unfortunately I got 2 short projects before I get to doing that so it's probably going to be a few weeks before I get around to doing it
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    With people lile that, do not give them good code. Give them something that works and apologize in the comments to the next dev.
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    Chriiiiiiiist, my project manager does this. Worst part is that they used to be a dev. Soulless.
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