IKEA hoped for a line break

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    Did they seriously think printer is an html parser?..lol
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    Maybe it's an XHTML printer...
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    @HoloDreamer hehe, probably 😁
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    Always fun to spot one in the wilde
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    @2Fdev2Ftcsh hahaha, exactly! 😂
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    Snyggt! 👏
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    @mangs bless you?
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    @vringar Haha :D "Nice!"
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    Very mysko ställe to have a radbrytning on.
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    I'm pretty sure that's just part of the name... Though I can't be certain!
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    Many of these printers that support different font sizes actually use HTML, but with a VERY limited tag set. So the person setting up the printer propably tough "if it support <font> it must support <br>". Might even be a HTTP printer, press the button and it does a request to 'server', and then prints the response from the server on a piece of paper.

    Pretty cool and makes development of advanced systems pretty easy, but you must read the documentation of exactly whats supported.
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    Yepp, and then test it? 😜
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