Uuh, when you own a company, it would be advisable to not use the abbreviation "CNT" in your logo.
Some people might misread it 🤭

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    Good naming is so essential! I remember hearing a company name called Unsolved.
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    CNT began as a small, family owned, precious *** business over 40 years ago. Now in its third generation of single family ownership, CNT has grown into the largest privately-owned *** in the precious *** industry. In an effort to meet the ever-growing needs of our clients, we expanded into high value storage, focusing on precious metals and fine art, minting, and developed a precious *** lending program. It is the goal of CNT to provide exemplary service. We are committed to our family, our staff, our clients, and the industries we serve. Underlying this commitment are CNT’s core values: honesty, integrity, responsibility. 
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    CNT is a top and leading...
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