Code review titles by year:

1990 - your code is using to much memory
1995 - your code is not running on window 95
2000 - your code is slow
2003 - your code don't have tests
2005 - your code is not 64 bit
2009 - your code is not using mvc patters
2010 - your code is not horizontal scalable
2011 - your code should be written in js
2015 - your code is not mobile ready
2020 - your code is racist

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    2025 - your code is to lightweight, they have terabytes of drive space for you to fill.
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    2030 - your code is written by yourself
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    1985 - Shit my code and sprites won't fit on a floppy, shall I use a datasette tape or solder an eprom cartridge?
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    Nihilistic optimism:

    One day the last meaningless expectation will be set and we probably won't know that it's the last one.
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    2999 racism is gone and pc culture is dead so we can use blacklists and masters again...
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    @coffeeholic tribalism had been with us for the past 6000 years and our teamwork dynamic is based on it.. It's unlikely to go away in a measly millennium. Racism and SJW culture might not be as prominent by then, but we'll always have trends and people hating on each other for not following them or some other made-up reason.
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    ok so, when everyone is brown cause os cross racial fuck can I use blacklists?
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    2003 still haunts me today...
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    My proposal: You all support me in becoming AntiHitler.

    I will start the Fourth Reich, lock people of ALL colors into camps -- but instead of hunger, labor and gas chambers there will be free salad bars, wild orgies and recreational drugs.

    My eugenics program is based on the belief that humans can only become genetically pure by maximally mixing their genes -- You can still date white girls as long as you don't procreate with the same race. You are appointed a Chinese and Ethiopian wife, which have husbands from Spain, Norway, Russia and Indonesia.

    Also, master/slave relationships are highly encouraged, as long as it's kinky and you use a safeword.
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    @bittersweet I dig it as long as @Rutee is my wife-husbando
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    @AleCx04 I don't think @Rutee07 got the memo.

    Wait... you're taking rutee over me? Oh I see how this is.
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    I literally was asked to refactor a variable I named as "xyz_user_whitelist" lmao🤣🤣🤣

    This happened yesterday, and needless to say, whitelist was shot down during code review
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    @beefdead Funny because blacklist stems from medieval times, where castles would keep a list describing known assassins (which operate in the black of night). Same with black markets, nothing to do with color of people, everything to do with color of the sky.

    Also, Blacksmiths are named after the color of the metal (sooty), as opposed to Whitesmiths which created houshold items and jewelry out of soft, cold-pliable materials like tin and silver. -- just saying, before I have to choose between a Smith of Color vs Caucasian Smith in the next Elder Scrolls game.
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    If you refactor, make 9 lists according to D&D alignments, and if an admin wants to "blacklist" someone they have to take a long test to discover whether the evil user is Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil.
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    @bittersweet such degeneracy! you'll be first in line for the camps.

    officials always give themselves the best seats. :(
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    all of you ranting about, just know that it's gonna create so many jobs. That'll increase the employment rates. Kinda good to have amidst corona. That's the secret plan. shhh 🤫
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    wait where is the Y2K stuff? Ppl thought planes would drop off mid flight you know.
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    If someone told me to refactor blacklist I would told them to fire me because I ain't gonna do it.
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    @C0D4 @rutee07 I'll have both of youse sexy devs
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    @bittersweet what about chaotic neutral? That has always been my favourite. Committing murder just... Because *shrugs*
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    Your code not looking beautiful.
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    2045 - You wrote code?!
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    @rutee07 that’s one nice radish you got
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    Instagram - You didn't write that code posing
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