latest alexa certification experience
them: you must not name your skill like this, this and that.
me: ok. please certify my skill named a not listed option.
them: YoU mUsT nOt NaMe It ThIs EiThEr.

for real, if i would have to do alexa skills for a living i'd long have gone mad (well, madder)

sincerely fu

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    So, a personal acquaintance I worked with before either of us went to Amazon signed on to the alexa team as a director when they were doing their first round of insane hiring.

    Every ounce of derp in the cert material, is a muffled scream of the "quantity over quality" that org represents. It's a total shitshow.
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    @SortOfTested i am not sure if i understood you (really just language comprehension).
    i mean i support quality, but in the end i think it doesn't backfire to amazon directly, so there are some fucks too many given.
    also all of the documentation is quite incomplete and intransparent to say the least.
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    Usually AWS teams are small, highly skilled and very agile. This produces better products. The teams themselves do a large portion of the actual support work.

    Alexa org is massive, has many low skilled engineers and is run by bureaucrats. That's why you get the dumbs on support calls 😭
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