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    Sometimes I don't want to be told that something isn't a good idea, sometimes I just want to know how to do something.

    "I'm writing my own encryption algo in Rust, but I keep getting a compiler error"

    "You shouldn't roll your own encryption"

    "Ugh, it's not like I'm writing a banking app. This is just for practice... but if no one rolls their own, we'd still be using DES"
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    @bittersweet it seems like the "new?" developers nowadays are the same as script kiddies(... but even that term did become obsolete now. They use GUIs nowadays).

    They do not care about how the internals work and they just want it to work. Therefore they do not try to reimplement something, fear it and just use a wrapper, framework, etc..

    I just don't understand their mentality. Simply copy pasting stuff from the internet without knowing why, when and where to use it and not fearing to understand how it works at a very abstract level, seems like we have hit Doom Eternal.
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