Our marketing just change the blacklist/whitelist terms to blocklist/allowlist to make it more "neutral" following change in github "master branch" to "main branch"

When will this end, people ?

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    The bigger question (after removing comma):

    "When will this end people?"

    It is now, people are being murdered on the street. Starting with killing cops and people who stand against, and bystanders. Unless it gets squashed this is the woke army in action.

    It started with political assassination and has grown to actual assassination.
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    I guess it will end when something major happen that will replace BLM in the 24/7 news channels.
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    Fuck the BLM, if we should follow their logic, we shouldnt help Them based on their ancestors, how many fucks do you think they were giving for EU back in WW2, they were active ageinst helping EU, like the rest of America.

    Well, a shitty logic, but i didnt made the rules.
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    @Frederick Yes, helping europe clean up their own fucking mess back then was generally a bad idea. Totally agree on this one. Especially now that we see how ungrateful europe has been.
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    @Demolishun Well, the thing is your country only did help because of the government and not the people, also that fact they attacked you before.

    But the point is, its an idiotic logic to follow, you did hear how ridiculous that sounded right? I cant support anything that keeps use this kind of "logic"
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    @Frederick Yeah, I see what you did there. It is interesting how I got caught up in it even though you were pointing out a flaw in the logic. Damn, 2 seconds from Armageddon.
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    @Demolishun Dont get me wrong, i do have big sympathy for the cause itself, i would just wish we could stop look for faults in what people ancestors did. I just feel like movements like this would be so much stronger if we started to forcus more on how shitty the government is, rather then giving the average person the fault.
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    From an ux design aspect allowlist and blocklist is way better as it directly describes what it does.
    With Whitelist/Blacklist you need to learn the terminology.
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    The people who use our app usually are quite adept to technology. I don't think avoiding learning new terminology is a good excuse to this switch. Our marketing is just following the buzzwords.

    Don't get me wrong, I am a full supporter of fairness, and non-discrimination. I just find it stupid that people are focusing on trivial things like this, when there are other practical areas with bigger impacts for improvement.

    Are we going to change dark/light IDE terminology to dim/bright IDE too?

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    Is there a way to add languages to github? Like some kind of submission process? Then we can define what things like master are translated as for preferences.

    So possible languages:

    English (mature adult): master == master

    English (woke): master == function(dayoftheweek)
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    It will end when people stop basing their decisions on emotion.
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    Some people seem to have forgotten that black is first and foremost is a color and the word as such should not be racist at all.
    SJWs try to make us connect the word "black" with "bad" or "inferior". They are the real racists. Why do white SJWs feel so priviledged to put themselfs into positions to speak FOR another race? It's absolutely mind boggling.
    I actively refuse to let them manipulate neutral everyday words into becoming banned words.
    When you have to censor your own speech it is when you have lost your freedom.
    Imagine comedy in 10 years...

    Comedian: "banana yellow, lol"
    They/Them: "yellow is racist!!!!1!!1"
    *guillotine snaps comedian in half*
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    @PonySlaystation It is another means of power/control, and they are very definitely power hungry.

    Instead of listening to their words and (often nonsensical) reasoning, ask yourself what they seek to gain from their actions. Almost invariably it is to gain power over you, or punish you for resisting those attempts.
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    @Root Well said, my friend.
    Ibreally hope that all this will not lead to some kind of world war or genocide again.
    I have a strong feeling that the left and right try to get rid of centrists and spread more and more apart, especially the left.
    And for the US I strongly hope that they will at some point be able to get rid of the de-facto two-party system. It's just sad that there is no political spectrum...
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    @PonySlaystation Agreed 😕😞

    I would love to see some real libertarian candidates (who aren't bad jokes...) and get away from politics for the sake of politics. Among so many other things.

    But if I had to pick a side, it would be the side not currently shooting police, beating people, and burning buildings to the ground.
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