Just finished recovering all deleted files from my old hard disks I found in the attic, just for fun.

I was hoping to find some old photos or something. Instead I found my awful old Qt code.

Back when I started the recovery it was sunny and perfectly clear outside. As soon as I found the code the skies went dark and now it’s raining like hell and lightnings are blasting.

Wtf i just summoned

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    Normally nostalgia about good old days, no matter what the code looks like. If it weren't for that you'd be writing such code now or doing something else and boring.
    Cherish your history.
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    Aaaah the joy if reading an old code, I recall finding a code of mine that instead of creating a class to hold title and description, I used two arrays and passed them around like titles array and description array, instead of array of class or at least a tuple but two arrays....... 😅
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