so what do you think about the "master is bad and racist" thing?

I am kind of in between finding it cool and just annoying.

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    Eh its weird, it refers a master copy, gold, finalized.

    But if there's people that are genuinely offended by it, meh who cares about a change, its just a name, changing takes a whole 20 seconds.
    I'm just gonna name my master branches to "Perfect Sandwich" or something with condiment branches.

    (though i think GH just wants to be ahead of any possible controversy than it being an actual thing people have complained about)
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    I don't think anyone cares about the change on the surface. If they were just going to change it for a more semantic reason then literally no one would care.

    Devs dislike the constant weak pandering from the tech industry that does fuck all.
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    @dakkarant Trust me, changing something as fundamental as the default branch name is no trivial matter.
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    It's more about the motivation than the actual change
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    Best solution would be to let users set a default master branch name
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    @dakkarant If they absolutely have to change the default (which they probably will) then I hope that's how they'll do it
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    But my main thought would be about the whole thing.

    "Why are people so upset and scrambling to make excuses to justify their opposition, its a semantic change, just tell GH that it might mess with CI pipelines, instead of writing paragraphs of 'But in 1865!...' "
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    I personally think they should leave these engineering terms alone. It’s getting very old and I’m really tired of the tech industry doing meaningless nomenclature changes because #muhfeelings.

    These terms exist and have for a long time. Everyone understands the terms, they don’t need adjusting
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    Definitely gonna save a few lives with all that cutting edge improvements!
    Authorities are gonna stop systematic racism asap just because of a stupid gesture of renaming crap. 😐
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    There's nothing particularly fundamental about the term 'master' for the main branch. Svn uses 'trunk' for example. It was 'main' for cvs.
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    @dakkarant I vote perfect sandwhich and condiment branches LOL
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    I do care about the change but solely because it's driven by an out-of-context situation/decision.

    I fucking hate it when a decision is made based on something that's out of context.
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    This is a huge deal. Because it happens in small steps people don't see how big an impact this has.


    If you think it's just master you are wrong. It's slave, blacklist, whitelist, things that might have the word boob in it.
    Soon we will have a tv-series called the blocklist. The worst worst to ban out of the top list is slave. It's just as stupid as naming all intimacy hugging. Just removing the words does not remove the concept. It just makes slavery and rape hard to explain and novel again for most people.
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    One of those, nice in theory, doesn't work so well in practice solutions.

    You start with a single word.

    Then you find another..

    Then another...

    It never stops !

    It reminds me of electricity generation and green solutions.

    Coal power stations are bad..

    Diesel power station are nearly as bad..

    Gas power stations are nearly nearly as bad..

    Wind turbines, still bad..

    Solar farms, nearly as bad..

    Wave power.. think of the fish !

    Suddenly you find yourself paralysed because everything is bad.

    I made a point of this in a group I'm in where the admin of the group asked if the name of the group was offensive to anyone.

    Well, considering the group had a racist name in the title, the answer was yes !

    The admin is taking a vote, so far 99% of people say keep the name..

    I asked, since when is offensive terms something the majority can vote on ?

    Only 6 of us have voted to change the name. (Which being Facebook, you probably can't change anyhow !)
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    As a POC... I don't actually care what it's called. It never felt that way when I first learned about it and quite frankly, if it offends some people, as long as you can rename the master branch to anything else , go ahead. It's just a few lines to change it back to master anyways.
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    i'm like it's taken out of context not racist
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    @Nanos Your analogy is bonkers.

    There's nothing slippery slope about power generation. There are a couple of variables: what kills more people? What is cheaper in the short term?

    Obviously coal is by far the shittiest. No one should be burning this. Nuclear fission is fine. Wind is probably a bit cheaper, kills slightly more people. Solar is catching up.

    There is room to evaluate things on a small number of distinct metrics. And the same applies to the original issue.
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    @Burgundy And this is why I don't understand why so many people are getting their knickers in a knot.

    The default is problematic. If you don't like a new default which is less problematic, just change it.
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    If coal is so bad, why did China build so many power stations using it recently ?

    Related links:


    > Developing economies need power from coal


    Funny since we reduced coal use here, our electricity prices have gone up 100% in 4 years !

    Not really helping the poor that..
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