When you pause a YouTube video, the § key will seek forward by exactly one frame. Works on Mac, on other systems the key could be different

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    Wtf is that key lmao
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    Is this some non English key, I'm to English to understand?
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    On sane systems it’s “,” and “.” to seek by one frame forward or back
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    @COD4 Some keyboard layouts (Like Dutch for example, idk why) have the paragraph § sign where normally the backtick ` key is
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    @dennie170 "Pfff! That's Silly! They should put '^2' like any sane person because that's obviously used a lot more than a backtick!"
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    On other systems, its the '<' and '>' keys (without shift) that skip frames both directions. Makes more sense right?

    Just like @Rozz said. ( same keys)
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    @dennie170 C Zero D Four
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    @dennie170 same here on a German keyboard.
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