you know what time it is. its "wisecrack-tries-to-do-math-again" time!

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    I read "5.0*" as sex because of the line in the zero. Look at me making excuses for misreading everything.
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    This looks a lot like Russian multiplication
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    what are you, me?
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    @SortOfTested Yeah, the hammer and sickle was a dead giveaway though
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    Okay and now readable please.
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    I think it's a bug, green or brown, that lives in the trees and hunts smaller bugs. Except this one is fancy, wears a hat with a feather and a cape. Hence the fancy name

    What do YOU think it is? :)
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    >a word I vagualy remember from uni

    Ah, a man of higher education I see. *Sips tea*
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