I’m meeting an acquaintance who wants to discuss a web app idea they‘d like to have developed. I’ve always worked full-time and have no experience running a side gig, scoping a project or what questions to ask. I would appreciate any advice on how to approach this meeting and any resources that will help with scoping/pricing.

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    My advice, if they have no money to pay you (atleast your full time hourly rate), and say somthing like they can give you a share when/if project becomes successful, run, run far away from them..
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    no cash = no app
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    ask questions about the project until you can picture the project and imagine at least how it would look to the user. then you should be able to imagine what needs to be on the backend. then you know the scope and amount of work, so you can put a price and time on it.

    then tell the time and ask for that price.

    if they disagree about providing either of those, decline.
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    You can set a rate to help flush out the requirements and design. After which have a contract on features/modules and cost of each with timelines.
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