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    I mean, chrome is a circle too
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    If you're standing away from your computer, tilt your head, squint your eyes and jump on one leg .... they still look different.

    Even tho I get what you're getting at, Opera logo is also round and the previous old IE logo (not Edge... actually, Edge too as a matter of fact) was also always round.

    Tho, I think they intended the logo to look like a tsunami so that they could later brag how it got widespread adoption as quick as a tsunami, they didn't probably count on the introduction being as suble as a tsunami.
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    Water extinguishing fire?
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    If one is Blastoise, other one is Charmender. 😌
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    @akshar the other one is eevee 🥺
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    It's all a matter of familiarity. People associate the symbol of the globe with the internet (also on routers is like that). And chromium based edge is the successor of win 10 edge that meant to replace internet explorer so all of these logos are a stilized "e" to resemble a globe. So it's natural that all browsers use a circular or globe-like logo, that's what make people think it is something related to internet (with few exceptions).
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    At least take the nightly icon
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