Ok... Probably a stupid question but is there anyone who actually uses Dreamweaver?

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    Cold fusion developers
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    Not since Macromedia stopped existing.
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    Yes there very much is!
    According to legends circulating the CS scene at my school, the younger students use it for web development.
    Tried to shame them for it, worked.
    They don't like it anymore.
    Teacher dislikes it to but school won't purchase any proper softwares so we're stuck with, like, version 3 or so
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    20 years ago probably
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    @Ranchu Jesus fuck! Version 3!damn
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    one of my employees and the motherfucker won't budge in terms of using anything else.

    Fucking drives me nuts.
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    @iSwimInTheC yes, it's literally fucking ancient, not even meant as fun.
    It also doesn't help that the computers run windows 8 with maybe 2-4 Gigs of RAM and a fucking Pentium dual core.
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    @Ranchu afaik you guys can get free cs4 dw as it is out of support.
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