I was straight out of uni so I didn't mind recruiters getting in touch, I just wanted a job.

The whole conversation was just generally awkward, it was just as if he hated his job, being there, and me. He had a wordpress project lined up which I was extremely ambivalent about, but I didn't want to rule anything out. We talked about my experiences with VueJS, React, material styling, how I had done a project which is live in production more or less solo fullstack, and some of my side projects.

He nods knowingly through it all while taking notes, before asking if I had heard of javascript or if I'd be willing to look at it until next time.

That's when you just get struck with this sense of "what can I do to leave this room as soon as possible without making a scene".

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    What's sad, he probably thought "this kid doesn't know shit" even though you know your shit.
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    Bruh, how ridiculous it can be...
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    Was the job for Dunning Kruger Ltd
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