TLDR: Need for easy to use VR headsets for mobile phones...
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There are so many interesting places to explore in this world but sadly the current pandemic situation has brought travel plans to a complete halt. Today I tried watching virtual tours of various cities on YouTube and it felt a bit relaxing.
I was planning to use VR to enhance the experience but it's quite a lot of trouble adjusting my phone in VR headset, controlling playback from my hands when the phone is in the headset.
I wish someone, somewhere would find a way to simplify this problem... Like making mobile-based VR headsets bit easier to use and control while keeping it at affordable to use and allow addition of mobile phones of any sizes...
If someone could actually do this...I think we might have the next groundbreaking startup in the next few years...😄
P.S. Google cardboard VR does not fit this criterion...

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    Add to that, one that actually sits comfortably with glasses on and has adjustable lenses.
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    @C0D4 That is also one of the major requirements...It becomes quite uncomfortable when using VR goggle with specs
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    Samsung gear with Controller is a good sweet Spot id say for ppl with a good samsung phone ...
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    @2nd2NULL those don't specifically require a samsung phone, and sub in any controller.
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