Apps are getting saturated now, i dont think if app development has a future anymore.
No matter what you make its quiet difficult to beat the top 10 trending apps.

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    Hey Hank, how's it going?
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    @alexbrooklyn I miss you man :p
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    You can. Just throw some $50M at marketing and steal some CEOs from google to look good in the news. You can do it, don’t be lazy
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    @molaram Yeah, like what's $50M. I bet most of us won't make that much for several lifetimes.
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    Depends on what you're making. Although most people's hope is to innovate something that eventually is bought up by the top players anyway.
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    @odite It depends on what you make, but the majority hardly bothers about them, most of the top apps are social media apps, think it yourself -
    How many apps do you use on daily basis? for majority it never goes beyond youtube,insta,twitter etc
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    Gotta say, I decided apps were saturated a decade ago.
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    "everything that can be invented has been invented." Charles H. Duell, 1899
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    I still can't get crypto wallet that supports dapp, multiple crypto currencies and lighting channel + state channels so there is still room for something
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    @macbury i don't understand most of terms you used, but multiple currencies... have you tried BRD?
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    @macbury cause noone cares ? ;p
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    You do not need to create new kind of app you just need to improve an existing one.

    There are a lot of restaurant but you only go to certain restaurant. Why? Because they are unique to you one way or another.

    Just add a marketable unique feature to your app and you will be fine.

    For example we do not expect Tik Tok to get a lot of user at first in a saturated social media market.
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    @Demolishun Everything that can be said has been said.
    Me, 2020
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