So, when can I start using GitHub-flavored markdown on my devRant posts?

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    Once someone who suggests it provides some really compelling use-cases :)
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    I think it will bloat the rants and rant feed, than anything else, as the code snippets are not that common.
    So don't implement it @dfox , instead try to implement Linus in the next podcast .
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    Here's my thoughts on this:

    - if we implemented markdown or code highlighting, it would never be implemented on the main feed
    - I don't personally see the use-case for markdown. I think it would be used very rarely and it would be hard to justify building the functionality.
    - I think some sort of code highlighting functionality could be fun, but I think it would work better in a new feature. Rants generally don't have much code. We had been brainstorming some ideas. One was some kind of section where you could post short code snippets and sort of just dump them there as code rants. Not sure exactly what that would be though or if that would even be fun.

    If there's any fun ideas I'd definitely like to hear them.
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    A sarcasta-font markdown would be a valuable usecase...for me at least ;)@dfox
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    @dfox The code thing sounds cool. Kind of like codesod on thedailywtf.

    Then again people already post these with screenshots at the moment.
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