I get punched in the face by my phone (free falling on my face) so often that I should start suing the mofo for physical damages.

Like, what is wrong with my muscles? Why can't I keep a goddamn phone at a goddamn safe distance and type without goddamn dropping it while lying down? 😠😠

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    But why would you use your phone while lying down? It's so uncomfortable
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    Put your phone on a glass table with the display facing down and lay down underneath the table
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    Happened to me a couple times. Now I'm mostly using my phone laying on my side. That's a big part of the reason I have auto rotate disabled unless I need it (rarely).
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    @Creep that works unless you are not operating the phone

    Maybe carve a section of the glass table out that makes it easy to operate while being underneath?
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    I need one where I hang my phone from the ceiling and watch videos till I fall asleep...
    Wait, a ceiling projector... 🤔 How do I connect it to my phone tho? 🤔 And how will I operate it? Because streaming from phone is too much effort! I'll just watch on my phone then... #Millennial_Problems
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    @NoMad drill a hole in the ceiling, put some form of strap-on on phone, let it hang. Problem solved.
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    In all seriousness, there are these little knobs you can stick to the back of your phone. This is one of the reasons they exist. 🙄
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    @lkjhgf253 they don't work when you're typing with both hands.
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    @NoMad they do, unless you have the hands of a toddler. You only need your thumb to tap the screen. The rest of your fingers are under the knob.
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    Or Maybe - and bear with me here, cause this might be a complicated idea...

    Sit up, and then type?

    Crazy, I know!
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    You could also have something like this and attach it to your bed or nearby furniture https://duckduckgo.com//...
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    The solution of your problems is
    7.49 USD with free shipping. Given if you have a bedframe/bedside table
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    Dude. I feel your pain. It’s like sometimes I’m holding my pain all normal and everything’s fine and then whammo! phone to the face. Never have been able to figure out what exactly is going on mechanically when it happens, but it happens just.... randomly. I am both glad and sad that I’m not the only one. I’m sorry for your head trauma, friend.
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    Happened to me about 3 times until I learned to simply not use my phone in that position. It's not worth it
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