.NET drinking game:
* Drink every time IntelliSense refuses to tell you what the actual error is because it's too busy choking on lambda syntax from a decade ago
* Take a shot every time you discover a closed, unresolved Github issue discussing your current showstopping build/CI problem
* Finish your drink every time the solution to your problem involves either manual edits to your CSPROJ (or whatever) file, or creating a new project altogether and copying all your fucking files over

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    I'll gladly refresh my .net knowledge just to do that.
    I'm rusted in .net anyway
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    I've seen enough .NET to know that

    ♪ I'd rather die ♪
    ♪ I'd really rather diiiiiiie ♪
    ♪ I'd rather take a sawblade to the head ♪
    ♪ Take a pill that makes me dead ♪

    (brought to you by the 2AM delirium gang)
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    That last one hit me fucking HARD
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    Can relate to the second one. Love when things are closed due to inactivity.
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    that would make me stay sober
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