I just sneezed and my Google Home activated 🤔

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    "Sorry, I can't find anything about 'AGHROOOUUGHHHMNNNAOUCHHH,' should I search for 'gesundheit' instead?"
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    You just scared the little guy hiding inside of it.
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    What did it say/ask?
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    Half the time anything with an "oo" sound can trigger it.

    "Ok noodle" works almost always.
    "Hey/ok poodle" triggered twice.
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    Lucky you. When I sneeze, my anal plug says goodbye.
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    It's the new Advanced AI that detects sneeze and collects data about other symptoms like fever, lose of appetite, sense of smell and taste, through secretly recording your conversations and sending the data to the government so that they can do absolutely nothing about it other than promoting their capitalist propaganda.
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    @M1sf3t that's something I expect the Echo to do 😅

    @Stuxnet i can confirm the noodle 😦

    As for the sneeze, mine doesn't activate 😔
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    @rutee07 LOL 😂😂 wtf, so random.
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    @Bybit260 Have you read his other comments...
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    I mean, by design its always recording or it couldn't work at all.
    At least you have the knowledge that a human being may have to hear that sneeze.
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    @asgs No, it just thought I said either "Hey Google" or "Ok Google"
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    I bet the guy at the NSA got a heart attack...
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