I'm anxious and always not good at interviews. What can I do plz.

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    Wank one out before an interview. Also, imagine the interviewer naked but not bent over because that doesn't help.
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    I'm never going to be able to do an interview again after that 😅

    Chill out, take a moment to breath, and nail that interview! - pun intended.
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    Instead of answering the questions, ASK questions instead.
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    @C0D4 Yeah, nail that interviewer!

    You and @rutee07 are great coach, you should make something out of it (not a baby, though, there are enough of those already).
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    Stop being anxious? Have a nothing to lose mindset while attending interviews, though it will not help in general
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    Try to not put the person on a throne. It helps to see your opposite on about the same level, to feel more comfortable. Your opposite has no power over you (yet).
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    chew gum for as long as you can
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    @rutee07 ha ha classic rutee 🤗😒😞🤯😃
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