I think frontenders should be classified as the most laziest in development. Look what somebody made for them: https://border-radius.com/

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    They made it for themselves dude.
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    @AmbientTea I'm no frontender but i can type css border radii of my ass
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    The time taken to actually type that URL, fill in the inputs and then copy the codes can actually be used in writing the fucking code. Unless the Dev is a *drag-n-drop dev* then I'd have no issues.
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    its a joke
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    @yellow-dog "Yes, frontend is a joke"
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    @Jilano Frontend is a joke when a Backend Dev does it.
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    We're gods of our own custom made worlds, only constrained by our finite lifespans. If we need a tool to make our job easier, faster or more fun, we'll create it, no problem there. Whether there's significant demand isn't a precondition.
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    Personally I think "the most laziest" people are the ones that take a stab at FE devs.
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    @GiddyNaya seems like you'd still have issues. Chill the fuck out.
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    Honestly I think it's kinda neat
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    That looks pretty neat to find a nice box rounding.
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