"Hey guys, we should start using ESLint. It's a popular linter. There's 13,000+ styling inconsistencies it could streamline using `--fix`"

"Yeah... But these errors, they're not really errors, right? So, we don't need to fix them."


1. I never said they were errors. Do you know how a linter works?
2. Sure, I guess being consistent and familiar are overrated qualities of a codebase. Carry on!

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    Yeah, whenever I create a new project, the first thing I do is to disable ESLint (in my WebStorm).
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    jeez, 13'000 is way too much of anything
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    For the sake of version control, don't let the linter touch the 13,000 inconsistencies.
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    People at first will hate you.
    Then you show them that it's really easy to use.
    Then they will start relying on the linter to make their code readable.
    Then they will love you.
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