me: "ah, my scraper is nearly done - just need some final tweaks"

coworker: "JuSt FrOm LoOkInG aT yOuR ScReEn A fEw TiMeS tOdAy, I cAn TeLl YoU iT wOnT wOrK"

me, infuriated by his idiot mentality but not trying to start anything: "ah, its fine, I've already scraped 3000+ entities"

coworker: "but it wont work."

me: "but... its working..."

coworker: "but it won't work."

me: "ok."

sometimes its just better to just affirm the narcessistic assholes. make sure they are right.

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    That's my trigger. I see myself as an extremely tolerant and patient person, but backseat criticism while I'm in the middle of something just makes my blood boil.

    The most recent example was when I was investigating some performance issue for an operation, so to reproduce I hardcoded the problematic query in a while true, and set the client timeout to some "basically forever" value.

    "It's not good practice to just increase the timeout" holy shit not in this nor any alternate universe did anyone ever ask.
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    And the coworker disappeared for unknown reasons.
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    coworker: "but it won't work."

    me: but "what" won't work? which line, which part, what on God's green earth are you jabbering about you giant fucktard!
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    Why not ask him why he thinks that? He may have a valid point, or is he just trolling?
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    When people act like that it is often a lazy bid to court attention from you.

    I just tend to "Okay", "Yeah", "You got that right" them and get back to my work. Not feeding them the attention they want is the way to beat them
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    'It will, eventually'
    'and why is that?'
    'if you don't have a clue how the scraper works, why do you think I am the same'
    'you have some experience with this?'
    'yea, I bet it wouldn't if you wrote it!'

    Talk back to that type of person, they are all talk, close to 1% of actual experience with the tech they glorify and almost 100% of time they don't know what to answer when you ask them how that cool new overhyped tech will solve actual problem and to elaborate the pros and cons in real life situations.
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