"i need help my grandmother installed a fake flash player and it's installed norton and mcafee"

So... Nuke from orbit?

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    This went from a 10 to a 100 real quick
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    A nuke won't cut it, interstellar asteroid that's passed through the sun and is a giant ball of fire may help though.

    Burn that hdd to the ground and start again.
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    use sharks with lasers!
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    the mcafee uninstaller didn't fail halfway through and mcafee didn't instantly regenerate. something's up
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    McAfee is usually well behaved,
    Norton on the other hand is that psychotic clingy ex wife you only hear stories about but she be out there, waiting to pounce from the shadows and cut your throat.

    Bitch just won't go away, even when you think you've removed every last thread of existence, the bitch find you again.
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    @C0D4 oh trust me... mcafee is usually the same.
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    Norton and McAfee on the same computer? Hasn't anyone ever told you not to cross the streams?
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    @C0D4 Celestial body orbit altered!
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    BFG-10000 is firing.
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    1) Disk destroyer (dd)
    2) Disk destroyer (bfh)
    3) Disk destroyer (acid)
    4) Disk destroyer (forge/crucible)
    5) Cast into a metal reminder placard, or dunce cap
    6) Admonish and educate
    7) Reinstall (reminder: buy new drive)
    8) Revoke install privileges
    9) Backup image
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    10) Reflash BIOS. You can never be sure.
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    @WIPocket 11) refresh image on reboot and store files on network
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    First fix the cause, imho it is pebcak
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    12) give the CPU a good 'ol burn with the gas torch.
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    @MUTANGA-SNAFU This is the way
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