Oi, good lads! Here's a question

Do you meditate at work? If you do, would you mind sharing:

- what does it look like? i.e. half an hour of your lunchtime or a task in Jira for that or smth..? are you doing it individually or in groups?
- is it a part of your company culture or just smth you do on your own?
- how often? How long?
- which technique?
- would you recommend?
- which country is this in?

I'm thinking to suggest mindful meditation in my company as I've noticed it's significantly improved my critical thinking and judgement - something others could benefit from as well. And I need some examples, pros/cons, possible ways of implementation, etc.

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    As much as it might help, I kinda want to say "don't be that guy."

    Self-help topics are kind of a minefield in any official capacity. Drop the M bomb over lunch to your closest colleagues and read the room. Safest way imo.
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    Dont forcd your gimmicks on people. Its the fastest way to meke them resentful. Try to make a group or something thats opened for participation. Anything more and you are crossing a line
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    @24th-Dragon that's the idea. To offer smth, not to force it on anyone :)
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    While you're at it, why not also suggesting Arch and going vegan?
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    If someone suggested meditation to me at work I would stab them with a yoga mat. Just saying. These are things you do with friends, not colleagues.
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