Byron (reckful) has committed suicide. He was one of the first big streamers on Twitch and a game developer.

He was suffering from depression and has been for quite some time. He always appears happy around friends. He did "joke" about committing suicide on his last stream. Watching the clip makes it obvious that there was some truth to the "joke".

Also, remember that you never know what someone online is suffering from or how that person may interpret a joke. Be careful and think about how your message is received.

Please seek help if you have suicidal thoughts or even signs of depression. It's not a sign of weakness. We all need help sometimes.

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    Depression is a bitch. When you realize you have it it’s already too late. Treatment is primitive and often makes things even worse.

    I was able to escape it by pure coincidence because some random doctor prescribed a new medication that magically worked.

    Every doctor prescribe different things, and this guy may have lived if only he switched doctors but surprise surprise, when you depressed you can’t think straight and don’t have power of will to make such decisions.

    Depression is a cruel bitch
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    Do we know why yet ?

    eg. did he leave a note ?
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    I have noticed often folk who are depressed, are experiencing something shitty about their life that they are unable to fix because they lack the resources to do so.

    Sometimes medication can help, but usually its a resource issue.

    As such, perhaps the first question you should ask anyone you suspect is depressed, is "What can I do to help?".
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    That's just terrible. It seems to most that such work is always just entertainment ... And they don’t even think that it’s morally hard work. Haters and wicked comments are everywhere.
    But did he leave a message or a note? We can guess the reason as much as needed, we need facts...
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    This bit caught my attention in the news about him:


    He later shifted his career into game developing, creating the game 'Everland' in May 2020 with hopes of helping people 'find friendship and a sense of community.'


    FX [ Goes to look. ]
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    It is also worth researching specific medication, as some are more risky to take than others:

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    According to his Twitter, Bryon also appeared to propose to his girlfriend hours before his passing.


    Those are mega stressful moments.

    FX [ Ponders what advice he can give.. ]

    Ideally during moments of stress, you want to spend that time with physical friends.

    If you are stressed about someone special in your life, you never know, they might die tomorrow and then you will have to move on and find someone else anyhow.

    Not that, that logic helps your emotions.

    Which in such situations can often be top of the world one moment when you think everything is going your way, and then, bottom of the ocean when things are not.

    Feelings can change, though they can also take days / weeks to do so.

    Hang in there !

    Remember you matter most, to hell with everyone else.
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    Depression can be hidden so easily.
    I remember my flat mate being really surprised once I told him after living together for half a decade xD
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    @uyouthe It seems to be different for most. I've hd shit treatment of it, yeah, but I'm not really affected by it after going off my meds (not like i wanted to, they went from $4 a bottle to $350 a bottle, which is fucking ridiculous.)
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    @Parzi they often treat you with neuroleptics which completely destroy your will and your personality. I’m gonna post a rant about my own personality loss because of it

    Only a minority of doctors prescribe experimental stuff like vortioxetin which can really help, but to get that meds you have to have a proven track of neuroleptics being ineffective for you and this is absurd
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    @uyouthe oh, those. They fucked up my dad, I don't think i've ever been on them.
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