I just noticed, it seems no one rants much about their work or work mates anymore... Or ever?

Guess I missed the notice...

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    Well sometimes I rant about my boss, but I don't have any other dev as "work mate", so...
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    @ZioCain my problem is with workmates. Boss is good, gives me projects but lets me decide how I do them.
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    WFH reduces both contact and annoyance. Also, I only work short time with three days per week. All hail corona!
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    I used to rant about my boss and workmates all the time. But since I moved company I actually love them all 😂
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    You probably missed the memo, there's a pandemic going on that reduces annoyances due to working from home
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    @alexbrooklyn but I've always been wfh though... Social distancing don't keep monkeys away?
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    I have stories. The problem? Can't be specific right now. Company reallllly does not like "story telling" employees.

    When I'm out of there, I will write some rants.
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    @magicMirror Are you OK? Should I call the cops? Are they watching you? 👀

    Talk about croissants if you can't talk
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    @alexbrooklyn I'm fine all is good! (and to the person reading this, tell HR I said Hi!)

    srsly now:
    It is something in the contract - with covid19, I don't want to give them excuses right now. At least until I'm ready.
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    @billgates same here, it's just that sometimes he just wants to understand the projects and he's not even a dev and can't properly code in php or js which are our main languages...
    but now some projects are in typescript or C#, so...
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    My colleagues are pretty nice. Except for some miscommunication here and there I don't feel like I need to rant about work currently.
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    My work has gotten both better and more sensitive. I can’t rant about the code with out a lot of abstraction. I could rant about my coworkers but they are all genuinely good people trying their best.
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    It's hard to rant about your boss or colleagues when there's hardly anything wrong about them. I could say a word or two about our junior dev, but rarely there's anything really rantworthy. Maybe I should rant about our CEO though, they've been pissing me off lately...
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    • My work is mind-numbingly boring.
    • My coworkers don’t talk to me; I don’t talk to them.
    • The code is convoluted enough that I can’t tell if it’s bad or I just don’t understand its complexities yet.
    • Don’t get me wrong, there are problems, but they’re dwarfed by the sheer number of things I don’t understand yet.
    • The pay is nice.

    So, rant-worthy content is pretty rare there.

    However, I don’t have a home office and must work around a strong-willed 4yo, a talkative 1yo, a girlfriend who doesn’t entertain them enough, and her dad who is absolutely oblivious to when he’s being annoyingly talkative and time waste-y.

    So that’s the focus of basically all of my rants lately.
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