This is supposed to be a huge European conference on logistics at hyperlog.info If these noobs will be inviting big companies, they better know how to make a map, that's not Hungary there and Europe has only one Slovakia

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    Hyperloglogs Barber: "whatchooo want?"
    Manager: "you know how all white people in central europe look the same through a k-means filter on a map?"
    HLLB: "I got u fam" *kicks bulgaria out of europe
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    Austria has been erased
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    @SortOfTested you invade every space I rant in, from now on we're mortal devrant enemies

    funny that about the hyperloglog, nice one, yeah have all the upvotes love
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    Who said we should only have one Slovakia? What if we want more? I know I would like at least three @C0D4, so...
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    @FrodoSwaggins whyy?
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    European logistics without Rhenus?
    Da Fuq?!
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    @vigidis might be the latter
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    @vigidis we fled to Bulgaria but nobody was here so we just renamed the place.
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    @vigidis Not "any" American, the "Fox news" kind! Probably the one making half of Europe a "no-go" zone with the capitals in shambles.
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    i sincerely opened this rant and ++ and am writing this comment just because i noticed OP knows something about slovakia, and is correct.
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