This is supposed to be a huge European conference on logistics at hyperlog.info If these noobs will be inviting big companies, they better know how to make a map, that's not Hungary there and Europe has only one Slovakia

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    Hyperloglogs Barber: "whatchooo want?"
    Manager: "you know how all white people in central europe look the same through a k-means filter on a map?"
    HLLB: "I got u fam" *kicks bulgaria out of europe
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    Austria has been erased
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    @SortOfTested you invade every space I rant in, from now on we're mortal devrant enemies

    funny that about the hyperloglog, nice one, yeah have all the upvotes love
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    Who said we should only have one Slovakia? What if we want more? I know I would like at least three @C0D4, so...
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    Sign my ass up for that conference
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    European logistics without Rhenus?
    Da Fuq?!
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    I don't think you understand. You see, Slovakia, with their military dominance, invaded and conquered Hungary. They're labelled as two because they're probably still sorting it out with Brussels.

    Hungarians, mad at the takeover, fled to Bulgaria. But because they're richer, they pulled an Israel and declared themselves sovereign.

    That, or they hired an American to draw the map.
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    @rantbook it’s a joooke
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    @vigidis might be the latter
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    @vigidis we fled to Bulgaria but nobody was here so we just renamed the place.
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    This does start to explain how some deliveries weirdly take five times longer than others.
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    @vigidis Not "any" American, the "Fox news" kind! Probably the one making half of Europe a "no-go" zone with the capitals in shambles.
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    i sincerely opened this rant and ++ and am writing this comment just because i noticed OP knows something about slovakia, and is correct.
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