The UI is (mostly) done, now it's time to flesh out the API!

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    ...Yeah, I have definitely read "nodes" there
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    Wouldn't you start with an API _than_ implement UIs?
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    @Kimmax IIRC swagger does it backwards. You build the blueprint, so to speak, and then build the working "machine".
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    @Kimmax well, I already had an API, I just needed to flesh it out and officialize it more. Also, the UI only uses the API when it's convenient, so currently, it barely uses it.
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    @shakur either, but write the spec first seems the be convention, then you generate a bunch of stubs from it, and make those stubs follow the spec. Then you can use the spec in testmace or postman (and friends) to test your implementation. Once you're done all that, publish.
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