i rant that i live in a dictatorship with an idiot president who bans whatsapp and facebook to prevent protests (in reaction to having arrested opposition party members of parliament), and github (yes, github) to prevent the spread of a minister's leaked e-mails. now the government is seriously considering shutting down vpn services to prevent by-passing the bans.

on the other hand, it's a nice time and place to continue ms studies on ad-hoc networks - that is of course if i can avoid being arrested or killed before i even start my thesis.

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    @vinerz i think they're just into blocking ip addresses of popular vpn services. if they get into packet sniffing, then we have greater problems than censorship.
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    @cors Damn your country goes upside down at the moment! Hope they will let you use VPN... Censor ship is the worst thing you can do to a Kultur
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    You can try shadowsocks, an open-source encryption protocol developed by Chinese programmers to visit blocked sites. I know that feel, bro.
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    @ex44559 +1 for shadowsocks. As a Chinese, I'm not very proud to say that, we have far more experience in bypassing censorship.
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    Which country are you referring to?
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    @n1had I'm guessing Turkey?

    Edit: I just realized it says Turkey in the tags
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    @vinerz Yes. China is very good at packet inspection.
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    @birkenspanner oh, just noticed this too XP
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    now that trump is elected, i think i can feel a little more relieved, apperantly the problem's not about us, it's about the whole world :D

    @J4s0n yeah, unfortunately. i see that you're german, i don't know if it is ever mentioned in your country, but whatever protest or economic hardship happens here, the president (written "president", pronounced "dictator") ridicules himself by claiming it was because of german spies trying to sabotage istanbul's new airport, because it's going to steal a lot of traffic from frankfurt airport. and what's even more ridiculous is, his voter base actually buys it, and uses it as rhetoric. he also blames us, the protesters, of complying with german intelligence.

    @ex44559 @junnan thanks for the tip, i'll take a look at it. and thanks for the solidarity :)

    @n1had yeah it's turkey, i forgot to write it in rant body.
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